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We’re living in a time of massive, unprecedented change. Whether you’re feeling uncertain about changes in the economy, your finances, the world, or just life in general, you are not alone. Half of all Americans believe the country’s best days are behind them and what’s worse, only 39% of Americans believe their children will have a better life. A recent study showed that Baby Boomers fear outliving their money more than they fear death itself. The truth is, the world we’re living in is vastly different from that of our parents and as a result we question everything. However, even with all the uncertainty and change in our lives, inherently we know there is opportunity.

So how do you deal with all the uncertainties that exist—not just in the economy but also in your life—and tap into the real opportunities? How can you use the stress of uncertainty to produce positive change rather than it using you?

It’s important to come back to what you know in your heart—that you are made to not just survive, but thrive. People will put fear aside when there is something greater than themselves to serve.

Instead of letting fear control us, let’s harness the power of anticipation.

Will this uncertainty be your reason to stop taking action toward the results you want from life, or will you use uncertainty as the ultimate opportunity to thrive and create something extraordinary—whether it is a transformation in yourself, your business or your family.

“The same protection you create for yourself becomes the wall that imprisons you.” —Tony Robbins

Over the next few weeks, we will cover uncertainty that many of us face in our lifetimes in key areas of our lives. By anticipating them, you will be able to create the opportunities for success and fulfillment that so many others will miss.

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