4 Ways to Access Your Creative Genius

  4 ways to access your creative genius Artists have been hacking the creative matrix for years. Here are some of the methods you may not expect to unstick the flow of inspiration for extraordinary breakthroughs. 1. Do nothing. Literally. Nothing. Especially if you are almost always busy. Give yourself, and your mind, some time […]

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How to Remember 90% of Everything You Learn

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali   Wish you could learn faster and more effectively? Whether you’re learning Spanish, a new instrument, or a new business strategy, we could all benefit from accelerated learning. But, there’s only so much time in the day. And your brain only has so much capacity to learn. You […]

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6 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Game of Thrones

1. Do not owe anyone, anything The famous line of the Lannister’s is “A Lannister always pays his debts”, which is probably the most valuable tip in this list of lessons for entrepreneurs from Game of Thrones. As soon as you leave your debts to gather, you enter a downward road. This is foremost a […]

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Why & how to let go of the past

  Tony Robbins has said: “The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.” Tony is talking about your ‘story’. You cannot change your life until you change your story. And you cannot change your story until you let go of the past. How to let […]

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Rich dude, poor dude

What Robert Kiyosaki learned the hard way as a start-up entrepreneur In the mid-1970’s, after working for 4 (very successful) years as a salesman for Xerox, Robert Kiyosaki came to the conclusion that he was never going to be a corporate person. But what he did learn was that he was good at selling. He […]

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Why People with Disorganised Minds could be More Intelligent

You walk into a room and forget why. Clutter seems to accumulate – you’re not even sure how or when you put all that stuff there. You have half-finished projects everywhere. Your mind is always somewhere else. Even though you may “suffer” from what psychologists call “chronic disorganisation” these tendencies could show you have higher […]

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10 life-changing books

10 Life-Changing Books Recommended by 10 Global Entrepreneurs Books have the power to help people realise their dreams and maximise their potential. As Naomi Simson, Founding Director of RedBalloon, said recently; “As part of my ongoing investment in learning – I read endlessly”. Good reading experience can be life-changing. Here’s a selection that is guaranteed to […]

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The Biggest Misconception about the Success Mindset

While the success mindset does include approaching things with a positive attitude, associating the mindset with being positive is actually a misleading idea that usually leads to people failing to achieve meaningful, long-term results from their self-development programs and efforts. In order to get a firm grasp on the success mindset (and to be able […]

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