10 Ways to Engage Your Audience During an Important Meeting

Audience engagement is an essential part of important meetings and presentations. Attention spans have become increasingly short. You only have a few minutes to pique the interest of your audience. Every time you take the stage — whether in a small boardroom or large auditorium — you compete against dozens of distractions. Your audience may […]

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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was a businessman and entrepreneur, most famous for his feat in turning McDonalds from a local restaurant into the global empire that it is today. He first came into contact with the McDonald brothers when he sold them multi-mixers. Immediately after he visited the store in San Bernardino, he saw an opportunity that […]

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23 Things Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Paul Brown is a regular contributor to Forbes, and has interviewed, researched, and written about entrepreneurs for the last 30 years. He was asked by to speak to a group of graduate students about what he’s learned throughout his career. Here’s what he said. 1. The best way to predict the future is to create […]

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When You Are Ready to Become an Entrepreneur, Do These 5 Things

Is there really a perfect time to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur? Sure, there are ideal circumstances — like having endless amounts of startup capital and an all-star team already assembled, but those ideal conditions are few and far between. If you are waiting for the stars to align you are wasting valuable […]

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The 10 Commandments of Leadership

A group of archaeologists digging through ancient corporate archives recently uncovered two mysterious tablets (aka “wall plaques”) engraved with the following laws: I. Thou shalt remain optimistic. Since thy employees look to thee for leadership, thou must not let thy worries and concerns cast a black cloud over everyone else, for that way lies certain […]

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The Office

8 Deadly Ways to Kill Employee Motivation

If you want to make sure you’re providing your employees with an environment in which they can thrive, check your workplace for these motivation killers. 1. Toxic people. If you’ve ever spent time with truly toxic people, you know how destructive and exhausting they can be. Toxic people spread negativity and suffocate the positive. Let […]

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Lazy Businesswoman or Student

9 Toxic Employees You Should Fire Right Now

An employee’s most important job is to bring value to an organization–when that value isn’t there anymore, it’s in the organization’s best interest to rid itself of the wasted seat and salary. Great employees are enthusiastic about their jobs, go the extra mile, and are team players. They bring value to their employers, their co-workers, […]

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The 7 Must-Have Qualities Investors Look For in Entrepreneurs

Early stage venture is a lot about the entrepreneur–who that person is and what she or he is capable of. As an investor, my filter has become quite honed in terms of what to look for in the best entrepreneurs. On a recent trip to Ireland, I participated in a guided hike of the rugged […]

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How to be a Good Boss that Everyone Loves with these 13 Rules

What does it take to truly be a good boss? Thanks to research, we are beginning to understand the factors that lead to workplace cooperation. A 2007 study by Florida University indicated that 40 percent of participants believed they worked for “bad bosses.” Among the most common complaints were broken promises, not giving credit, and […]

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6 Things that Separate the Great Entrepreneurs from the Rest

Exceptional entrepreneurs don’t just do what’s necessary. They constantly go above and beyond to ensure the success of their business. The people at found out what separates great entrepreneurs from the rest. Grit “One characteristic which separates good entrepreneurs from great ones is grit. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and you won’t always make […]

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