Feeling Unhappy? Here Are 15 Things You Need to Stop Thinking About

Our level of happiness largely depends on the things that are going around in our heads. Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to dwell on the dark side and start thinking way too many negative thoughts. This is important. Your thoughts can make or break your day. It’s time to drop the bad, the unnecessary […]

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25 Signs You’re Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

We’ve all had days, weeks, months and — for some — even years of dark days and depression. Whether we fall into ruts of self-sabotage, loneliness or insecurity, leading a happy, joyful life can sometimes feel like a chore. But people are often doing so much better than they give themselves credit for. Most of us are so busy […]

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13 Things That People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently

The way you live your life every day determines your level of happiness, and whilst happiness is subjective, one fact remains – happiness is a result of actions and decisions made every day. See if you can incorporate some of these behaviours into your daily routine. 1. When you ask them what they do, they don’t […]

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